Live Underwater Camera

This peek into south Puget Sound is located in Gig Harbor, WA at the Skansie Visitor Interpretive Center, home of Harbor WildWatch.

Part of the greater Salish Sea, Puget Sound is the second largest estuary in the United States and is rich with life. This camera gives you a glimpse of that wildlife with a live stream between zero and +1 tidal height in Gig Harbor Bay. Due to tidal fluctuations, it is not uncommon for the camera to be in very shallow water and sometimes, left high and dry. This does not deter the wild life, however, as birds, clams, and other organisms can be observed in the intertidal zone at low tide. During a high tide, you are likely to see many animals such as shiner perch, sculpins, red rock crabs, kelp crabs, and if you’re really lucky, a harbor seal might pop by for a moment. Often there is so much planktonic life, the water will look emerald in color. Be sure to check back often!

This camera is made possible by a grant from:

The Cheney Family Foundation in partnership with the City of Gig Harbor, the Skansie Netshed Foundation, View Into the Blue, and Harbor WildWatch.

For more info about our educational programs or questions about what you see on the camera, check out our programs.