Beach Monitoring – Maple Hollow Park

Winter is coming. Break out the foul weather gear, put new batteries in your head lamp, and join Harbor WildWatch for an exciting night of community science at the beach! During the winter monitoring months, it just so happens that the lowest tides are during the dark of the night which adds an adventurous twist to our monitoring procedures. Hence, the need for a headlamp. Winter Beach Monitoring is also a great excuse to visit your favorite beaches at night when parks are normally closed. Having extra assistance during these nighttime events makes an incredible difference in our ability to collect information about the organisms living on the beach. 

Remember, you don’t have to have a science background to participate, nor are you required to stay for the entire duration of the typically 3 hour program. Mark your calendar for any or all of these upcoming events and come do some science with Stena and Mike Behrens!

Because this event is a mix of only the best conditions, COLD, DARK, and WET, here is a list of items to think about having with you: Headlamp, rain coat, rain pants, rain boots, fleece or wool layers, toe warmers, hand warmers, neck gator, hat, gloves, thermos of warm beverage, adventurous attitude!

Maple Hollow: This lesser known park includes a hike (less than 1 mile) to the beach. You will turn on Van Beek Road KP N and drive until you see a gate on your left to Maple Hollow Park. Meet at the park entrance before this gate at 11pm. We will close the gate behind us so if you need to arrive later, please coordinate ahead of time with Stena. Once in the park we will follow the “beach access” signs down the hill. Once you reach the end of the trail, there are stairs leading to the beach and our monitoring site is to the right. 

Contact for information prior to the event.


Nov 27 - 28 2022


11:00 PM - 2:30 AM


4411 Van Beek Road KPN Lakebay
4411 Van Beek Road KPN Lakebay, WA 98349


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