Digital Cocktails & Fishtales – Jellyfish

Why do we see jellyfishwhen we see jellyfish?

Chad Widmer has beenworking with jellyfish in public aquariums for nearly 20 years.  He started at the Monterey Bay Aquarium wherehe managed the world’s largest collection of living jellyfish for nearly 12years.  Following that he pursued alife-long goal and earned PhD in marine biology at the University of St Andrewsin Scotland where he focused on jellyfish ecology.  He returned to Tacoma, his hometown, to helpideate and build the new Pacific Seas Aquarium at Point Defiance Zoo andAquarium and to bring sustainable jellyfish aquaculture to the PacificNorthwest.  His present scientific workis focused on better understanding jellyfish lifecycles with an eye towardanswering the question, why do we see jellyfish when we see them?  In this talk Chad will talk about somejellyfish abundance patterns in Puget Sound, what contributing drivers appearto be, and what the underpinning mechanisms are.  


Cocktails & Fishtales is Harbor WildWatch’s science-social series. Held monthly, these programs feature a scientist, researcher, or environmental artist on an ecological topic. While these programs are traditionally 21+ and held at a local taproom or venue, during the pandemic they have shifted to an online format for all ages. They continue to serve as an engaging and interactive way to learn about the environment, and bring together eco-enthusiasts from our local community… and, now, beyond. Questions and interaction are highly encouraged!

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Aug 17 2022


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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