Digital Cocktails & Fishtales – Washington State’s Aquatic Reserves: Protecting local ecosystems through stewardship and science

WashingtonState’s Aquatic Reserves: Protecting local ecosystems through stewardship andscience

Since 2004, the Washington State Department of NaturalResources (WA DNR) has established eight aquatic reserves throughout the stateto protect important local and native ecosystems. Join Chris Jendrey, a DNRAmeriCorps member and long-time Harbor WildWatch volunteer, to learn about theextensive and collaborative scientific monitoring conducted on our beautifulaquatic reserves. He will share an overview of the Aquatic Reserves Program,highlights about each of the reserves, and details about some of his favoriteprojects, such as intertidal seagrass surveys and invasive European green crabmonitoring.

Chris Jendrey has been an AmeriCorps member with the WA DNRAquatic Reserves Program since October 2020. He primarily works with his fellowPuget SoundCorps teammates to monitor vital habitats and species throughout alleight aquatic reserves. Whether traveling by boat, boots, or kayak, his rolemainly consists of field work to collect data on various species, including,but not limited to seagrass, forage fish, amphibians, and invasive Europeangreen crab. Chris earned his Bachelor of Science in ecology, evolution, andconservation biology with a minor in marine biology from the University ofWashington in June 2020. He has been volunteering with Harbor WildWatch forover 14 years, starting out as a student in the seaStars and Beyond educationprogram. In his free time, Chris loves hiking, playing music, and hanging outwith his cat, Lulu.


Cocktails & Fishtales is Harbor WildWatch’s science-social series. Held monthly, these programs feature a scientist, researcher, or environmental artist on an ecological topic. While these programs are traditionally 21+ and held at a local taproom or venue, during the pandemic they have shifted to an online format for all ages. They continue to serve as an engaging and interactive way to learn about the environment, and bring together eco-enthusiasts from our local community… and, now, beyond. Questions and interaction are highly encouraged!

Cocktails & Fishtales are educational events. As such, Harbor WildWatch does not endorse any speaker, service, or product represented at Cocktails & Fishtales.

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Mar 16 2022


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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